About "Cleanergis Biosciences Pvt. Ltd."

Cleanergis Biosciences Pvt. Ltd., is a company registered under the Indian Companies Act and provides products, services, and consultancy in Enzymes and other proteins in Life Science Applications. Cleanergis' patented "Wastewater Treatment technology" relies on microbes, and bio-films to perform the function of the breakdown of Industrial Effluents. The company has also developed some useful and potent Enzymes and provides protein engineering solutions. It has a comprehensive portfolio of protein expression systems, Synthetic biology methods, Assay development, and validation. With customized solutions, flexible production scale, and proprietary technologies, Cleanergis works in partnerships to ensure mutual success.

Cleanergis has an experienced team comprising members who have established and headed teams for R&D in leading multinational Biotechnology companies. The team members have experience in handling all major molecular biology and protein engineering protocols for enzyme technologies and protein assays.

The in-house expertise in molecular biology is also coupled with gene synthesis and assay development capabilities. Projects can be quickly delivered in a flexible and cost-effective manner to customers.