1. Biotechnology Ignition Grant Scheme (BIG), Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India. 2016
Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) awarded to scientist-entrepreneurs from research institutes, academia and start ups, was awarded to Cleanergis in the year 2016. BIG is presented by Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council, Government of India.

2. Indo-Spanish Programme for Technological Cooperation, Award year 2015
CDTI-DBT ISIP, Spanish programme for Technological Cooperation with India in Biotechnology.
Cleanergis was awarded the project under the Indo-Spanish Programme for Technology Co-operation along with a Spanish company for developing variants of Transglutaminase enzyme. Transglutaminase enzyme is used profusely in the meat industry.

3. DST-Lockheed Martin, India Innovation Growth Programme 2015. Innovation Award.
The technology for “Molasses spent wash treatment to algal biofuels” was awarded one of the top 50 innovations out of several thousand innovations in the competition.
This award winning technology is explained in this youtube video: